[Projections] Images whose perspective fits the subject

The original images are cylindrical or spherical panoramic scans.  Some have been reprojected into views that could not have been taken with any existing lens.
[SP01 Fernery]

The Fernery at Morris Arboretum

A gem of 19th century architecture, the fernery is a deep rocky pit of plants and water under an elegant glass roof that looks especially seductive in this quadratically stretched circular projection.


Fernery 3 Another View of the Fernery

360 x 160 degrees, quasi-cylindrical projection.

[SP02 Meetinghouse]

Germantown Friends Meeting House

A place of Quaker worship since 1886.


[SP03 Magnolia]

Inside a Magnolia

Morris Arboretum, June 2005.  Synthetic fish eye projection.


[SP04 Cherry]

Under a Cherry

Morris Arboretum, June 2005.


[SP05 7 Doors]

Self Portrait with Seven Doors

360 x 133 degree view of a small but very central hall.


[SP06 2 Revolutions]

 Self Portrait in Two Revolutions

I'm turning, the camera is not.


[SP07 Henry Ave]

Henry Avenue Bridge

A high span over the lower Wissahickon gorge seen
from almost directly below.  150 x 130 degrees,
radically reprojected.

Parlor Porch Parlor Porch at Mohonk Mountain House

[not for sale]