[Sales and Service]

You can buy prints of any of these images, or limited copyrights if you would like to use them in a publication.

Prices for museum quality prints are approximately $75 per square foot. I can print most of these images as large as 10 square feet -- 30 x 48 or 18 x 72 inches. If desired, I can have them professionally framed at prevailing prices.

Some typical print sizes are priced as follows (image sizes approximate; my choice of framing materials).


 12 x 12

 13 x 13



 12 x 18

 13 x 19



 5 x 18

 8 x 22



 11 x 40

 13 x 44



Please write, phone or e-mail me your contact information and a description of what you want. I'll get in touch with you to arrange the details.

I will consider comissioned work in the Philadelphia area. Appropriate subjects include landscapes, buildings, interiors, and artwork. I can photograph pictures right on the wall, and make 360 degree surface images of cylindrical objects, such as vases, weighing up to 200 pounds.

T K Sharpless 6017 Greene Street Phila. PA 19144         215-843-9226        TKSharpless@gmail.com